vision web software hb optical

To order via VisionWeb you need to have a VisionWeb Active account.

To create an account click this link (It is Free): Create Account

Once the account is created, it will send a request to HB Optical for approval. (Can take from 1 hr to 24 hrs to activate account)

When the setup and approval is completed, you will receive an e-mail from VisionWeb and you will be ready to add us as supplier and ready to order. But first...

1.) Login to your VisionWeb account and...

2.) Add a New Supplier: (click the add supplier link--> ) Add supplier   then...

Click Add New Supplier button

 Select the category (Lenses) then click supplier option and type letter H on the Suplier field, you will see us in the list as “HB Optical Laboratories”. Select it!

Billing account: (the customer number assigned to you by HB Optical).

Fill the rest of your information and SUBMIT.


If your practice already have a management integration software you can click the following link to see the supported software.