Your eyes are windows to your soul

My name is Steven Newman, I am a board certified optometric physician as well as a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist. The combination of these two degrees allow me to treat people´s eyes and the diseases that I can see within their eyes that affect their body by using diet nutrition as well as vitamin supplements and exercises prior to go to the prescription pad.

You can go to many different doctors that can look into your body in several different ways, you can go to the cardiologist who is going to have to cut you, open to look at you blood vessels, you can go to the radiologist and they can shoot your body full of radiation to find out what´s going on inside there, or you can simply look through a window into the body, and that is what the eye is.

The pupil of the eye is simply a whole, it´s a whole in your body just like your ears, just like nostrils, just like your mouth. Well when the eye doctors, when I specifically shine a bright light into the back of your eyes I can visualize your blood vessels and your nerves, I can literally watch your blood flow through your body, and how it flows to your body tells me how healthy your body is.

For instance for high blood pressure the blood tends to leak out of the blood vessels before it can get where it wants to go, so by simply shining the light in the back of the eye and looking at how the blood is moving through the blood vessels I can see the early warnings signs, I can see things long before is going show up in a blood test somewhere, and that is why is so important to combine the knowledge that I've gotten becoming an optometric physician with my passion for nutrition so I can help my patients before they need help from their general physicians.

When I do notice something that is abnormal in the back of the eye, if I see some early warning signs that give me a suspicion that my patient is going to be suffering for some type of cardiovascular disease in the future, like high blood pressure, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, all these things we can see in the back of the eye. When I do see these physicians are given a choice, how do we treat these things? We can go right to the prescription pad or we can work with our patients to allow them to take an active role in their own health care, so by educating them on different types of diets, different types of exercises plans and also different types of herbs and supplements we can often avoid the prescription pad, I often refer to the prescription pad as the poison pad, it´s my belief and the belief od many scientist and doctors that every single prescription medication is poison, the only difference is the dosage.

When you put a prescription medication into your body it is going to have an action inside the body, and it is also going to have a reaction. When you combine that prescription with another prescription medication you not only have that action and reaction, but now you have interactions, and these interactions in our body can really mess with our endocrine system, our cardiovascular system, our neurological system, everything is affected when we combine medications inside the human body.

Most people in America care more about the quality of fuel that they put in their car, that the quality of food that they put in their bodies.

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