Preventive Solution For Today's Digital Savvy Users

In a perfect world it would be ideal to be able to limit our gaming, TV, phone or internet addictions. These things have quickly, for better and for worse, become an integral part of our culture.

We are certainly not going to give up my smartphone or tablet anytime soon, and we know no one else on the planet will either.

Lens manufacturers are now focusing on making blue blocking lenses.

These lenses can be made with your prescription and will help to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of your blue light gadgetry. The lenses have a yellow tint which could take some getting used to, but the benefits do outweigh the interesting fashion statement.

These lenses block the harmful blue light from the front and back side of the lens preventing them from reaching your eyes.

HB Optical Laboratories invite you to educate your patients on solutions to a healthy comfortable vision by incorporating DurAr Blue Block treatment which is the perfect combination with the SV Franklin Relax and Occupational lenses; as well as any other lens.

DurAR Blue Block reduces eye fatigue from prolonged electronic screen usage as well as UV blocking filters.

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