Ocular lens pigment nature's defense

Let's look at the source of this natural protection, Ocular Lens Pigment or OLP. OLP is a natural substance in the eye that filters blue light and protects the macula. At the beginning of our lives, when we are children, there is no OLP presence in our eyes, this pigment is build up over our lifetime, and we finally have a full complement of OLP sometimes after the age of 65. In some cases, this may be even later, at age 75 or older.

OLP provides natural protection from the effects of the blue light that occurs naturally in our environment, so when we remove this pigment with a cataract surgery, we essentially return the patient to the state of a child, with no natural defense against blue light.

So can we engineer a lens that provides blue light filtration in a way that commences with nature? Can we make that happen?

Yes, we can. With BluTech.

BluTech lenses filters the damaging blue light in exactly the same way that nature does. BluTech is a lens monomer that is infused with synthesize ocular lens pigment, BluTech is not a blue blocker or a tinted lens.

There is a slight champagne tint to the lens, which is an indicator that the patient is wearing a genuine BluTech product and is receiving the full benefits of the best blue light protection available. Filtering Blue light in the best and most natural way is the best reason to put your patients in BluTech lenses.

BluTech is not a coating that selectively deflects small bands of blue light, BluTech lenses filters more blue light at the lowest end to the visible light spectrum, 400 to 440 nm, where the energy levels and the danger level are higher. No other product offers this much protection in that wavelength.

The filtration continues all the way to 480 nm, where sleep deprivation occurs, no other lens product or anti-reflective blue light coating addresses this specific portion of the damaging blue light.

So, BluTech is a lens monomer infused with OLP, providing the perfect natural level of protection to your patients, all without interfering with or impacting color perception, and as a complete solution BluTech is available to protect your patients, both indoors and outdoors, with a polarized sunglass lens.

We have addressed the single most common complaint for polarized lenses, your patients in BluTech will be able to read the characters and images on digital screens, smartphones, tablets and digital dashboard without distortion. That alone is a tremendous benefits for a sun lens wearer and built in blue light protection outdoors.

BluTech lenses come in Single Vision, Flat-Top 28, Digital Progressives, as well as computer and task specific lenses and plano lenses.

Let´s review:

● Lens Material, not coating

● Lens Monomer infused with Ocular Lens Pigment

● Abbe Value 46

● Refractive Index 1.56

● ANSI Z.887.1/2003 High Impact

● Filters blue light naturally

● Blocks all UV

● Available: Indoor or Outdoor (Polarized)

● Plano, Finish Rx Indoor, Single Vision, Flat-top 28, Back Surface Progressive Designs,

Computer and Task Specific.

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