NuPolar infinite gray polarized Rx sunlens

Polarized lenses offer prescription lens wearers outstanding vision in most outdoor sunlight conditions. However, some wearers find that their polarized lenses can be too dark or too light in certain circumstances, whether due to sun position or cloud cover.

Now you can offer patients a polarized lens that seamlessly adjusts its darkness according to sun exposure. Introducing NuPolar® Infinite GrayTM – the most versatile Rx polarized lenses available.

NuPolar Infinite Gray lenses are light when they need to be, and dark when the wearer needs it most. The darkness of the lens is controlled with a new UV-responsive photochromic technology that offers the widest range of light absorption of any polarized photochromic lens.

Lightest State

Approx. 35% Transmittance (low sun, overcast, or in shade)

Darkest State

Approx. 9% Transmittance (in direct midday sun)

NuPolar Infinite Gray lenses block 100% UVA and UVB*, and also contain a high-efficiency polarized film that blocks blinding glare in all light conditions.

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*ISO 8980-3 (2013) and ISO 12311 and 12312 (2013) measurements.