Medically correct patients for BluTech

After significant research 26 practices identifies 4 distinct patients profiles which are ideal candidates for BluTech protection.

Children under age 18

Children do not yet have any natural protection from blue light, yet they are exposed to it constantly in school and at home, in the form of tablets, computers screens, video games, smartphones and television screens.

The average time a child spends in front of a blue light emitter is 7.5 hours daily. Even if they do not require a prescription, more juvenil patients can have the benefits of BluTech in Pleno.

Post-Cataract / Lasik Patients

Patients who have lost their natural protection of blue light as a side effect of their surgical procedures. This patient's need the protection of the BluTech lenses to replace their ocular lens pigment.

High Risk and current macular degeneration (AMD)

Any patient with AMD risk factors will benefit from the protection and glare reduction benefits of BluTech Lenses.

Digital device use over 3 hours per day

What we refer to as the digital warriors, patients who use any digital devices at home or at work, for more than 3 hours per day. It is specially important to use BluTech lenses at a minimum 3 hours before bedtime, to reduce the disruption of the of the circadian rhythm due to digital devices use.

BluTech lenses are the first vision solutions with real medical benefits.

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