Lens coatings for Blue Light

The most common blue light solution today is a deflective coating, this lens coatings deserve a look, because any blue light protector is better than no protection.

Let´s take a look at how they actually function, remember the blue light spectrum is all the wavelenghts between 400 nm 500 nm.

There is a band of protection from 415nm to 455 nm, and in that band the coating deflects about 20% of the blue light entering the eye, but we can see that the range between 400 nm to 415 nm, where the energy level is higher, and from 455 nm to 500 nm, where we see sleep deprivation is not effects it´s not affected at all. In those wavelengths ranges there is no protection with this solution.

BluTech Transmittance Curve

It goes from 400 nm to 500 nm, and at the lowest portion of the blue light spectrum, where the energy level is higher and where the most damages occurs, that is where the maximum filtration occurs, allowing very little of that high energy damaging light reach the eye, however, as we move up the spectrum, you can see that more and more blue light is allowed through which preserve color vision and allows sufficient blue light to help control the sleep wake cycle, as we approached 500 nm BluTech is passing through almost all of the blue light exactly as nature intended.

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