Engineered for Performance and Protection.

Both sides of KODAK CleAR+ Lens include:

• Protective layers that provide durability and scratch resistance.

Anti-static properties that resist clinging dust.

• Several microscopic layers of minerals that effectively reduce

reflections over a broad band of wavelengths.

• Hydrophobic top coat seals the lens to help resist dirt and smudges.

Help Your Patients See Life Clearly.

With ordinary lenses, approximately 10% of light is reflected away and doesn’t reach the eyes.

More reflections and less light mean poorer vision. With KODAK CleAR+Lens, approximately 99% of available light reaches the eyes providing clearer and crisper vision.

Easy to Dispense

KODAK CleAR+ Lens allows eyecare recognizable brand known for trust,

respect and loyalty.