Franklin Specialty Designs Series

Franklin Specialty lenses have been designed for particular uses. There are moments in our lives that require a unique optic solution, moments such as working with a computer, using electronic devices,

With special designs all needs are covered by a flexible and adapted product portfolio.


Single Vision

Single Vision Relax

Progressive Mobile

Progressive inMotion




Clear: CR39, Poly 1.59, Poly Blue Filter, TRX 1.53, Tribid 1.60, 1.67, 1.74

Neochromes: CR39, Poly 1.59, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Transitions: CR39, Poly 1.59, TRX 1.53, 1.67, 1.74

Trans X Active: CR39, Poly 1.59, TRX 1.53

Polarized: CR39, Poly 1.59, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Drivewear: CR39, Poly 1.59

Blutech: Indoor, Outdoor

Poly Fix Tint: Poly 1,59

Infinite: Poly Polar Photo grey

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