Franklin Specialty Designs: mobile

The ideal lens for users of electronic devices.

Short corridor allows for quick transition to near vision

Our constant use of smartphones and tablets has led to a greater need for switching between near and distance vision. The short length of the corridor allows for a faster and more comfortable transition from the distance zone to the reading zone.

Smooth progression profile for greater comfort

The transition between distance and near vision is very smooth. Thanks to its unique layout, this lens offers a wide and comfortable reading zone.

Personalization parameters

For complete personalization it is essential to include all parameters for each patient. For orders which do not include personalization parameters, the lens will be partially personalized using default values.

Target & positioning

• Premium personalized progressive lens for electronic devices users

• Ideal for progressive lens wearers ages 40 and over, both experts and novices.

Digital Ray-Path® technology provides excellent definition

Digital Ray-Path® is an innovative calculation technique designed to compensate the lens using a simulation of the binocular eye-lens system. Each unique lens is individually calculated, creating the ideal surface for all prescriptions and base curves.

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