Franklin HD Progressive Designs Series

Franklin HD Progressive Designs Series

Franklin HD Progressive Design Series represents the unique and complete customizable group of designs. With any design offered under the Franklin HD Family weares get a unique lens calculated using Digital Ray-Path®, the innovative technology that improves the lens performance for any viewing zone.

Franklin HD designs offer natural and accurate vision for any prescription and frame. Making a complete simulation of the real eye-lens model, each Franklin HD lens is specially designed considering any parameter singular of each wearer. This translates into a high added value product that provides wearers with natural

and accurate vision.

Available Designs:

- Balanced

- Reading

- Distance

- First Tome

- Ultra Short


Clear: CR39 1.5, Poly, poly Blue Filter, TRX 1.53, Tribrid 1.60, 1.67, 1.74

Neochromes Photochromics: CR39 1.5, Poly, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Transitions: CR39 1.5, Poly, TRX 1.53, 1.67, 1.74

Trans X Active: CR39 1.5, Poly 1.59, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Vantage: CR39 1.5, Poly, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Drivewear: Cr39 1.5, Poly 1.59

Blutech: Indoor, Outdoor

Poly Fix tint: Poly 1.59

Infinite: Poly Polar Photo grey

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