Franklin HD Progressive Designs Series

Franklin HD Progressive Design Series represents the unique and complete customizable group of designs. With any design offered under the Franklin HD Family weares get a unique lens calculated using Digital Ray-Path®, the innovative technology that improves the lens performance for any viewing zone.

Franklin HD designs offer natural and accurate vision for any prescription and frame. Making a complete simulation of the real eye-lens model, each Franklin HD lens is specially designed considering any parameter singular of each wearer. This translates into a high added value product that provides wearers with natural

and accurate vision.

Available Designs:

- Balanced

- Reading

- Distance

- First Tome

- Ultra Short


Clear: CR39 1.5, Poly, poly Blue Filter, TRX 1.53, Tribrid 1.60, 1.67, 1.74

Neochromes Photochromics: CR39 1.5, Poly, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Transitions: CR39 1.5, Poly, TRX 1.53, 1.67, 1.74

Trans X Active: CR39 1.5, Poly 1.59, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Vantage: CR39 1.5, Poly, TRX 1.53, 1.67

Drivewear: Cr39 1.5, Poly 1.59

Blutech: Indoor, Outdoor

Poly Fix tint: Poly 1.59

Infinite: Poly Polar Photo grey

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