BluTech Lenses: These Eyes Depend On You

The most precious things in our lives…

You protect them in every way that you can…

You take every precaution…

You are their first line of defense…

But are you overlooking something important?

Did you know?

Children are exposed to blue light from electronics in unprecedented amounts

Blue light is emitted by smartphones, computers, tablets, LED televisions and even light bulbs.

On average, children spend 7 ½ hours a day looking at blue light emitters…

And they have much less natural protection than adults do.

Blue light has been linked to serious health problems.

Digital Eye Strain -Retina Damage -Sleep Disorders -ADHD -Obesity -Diabetes

Bluetech Lenses: Only BluTech Lenses filter blue light in the same way nature does.

Talk to your eye care professional about protecting your child's vision and shielding them from blue light exposure.

Take every precaution.

Because these eyes depend on you.

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